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Commercial Wireless/Hotspot

In today’s wireless-centric environment, having a reliable Wi-Fi network available for your customers is a must. Thankfully, modern wireless technology is better than ever before and innovation in the industry is at constant progression! Whether you operate a hotel, coffee shop, restaurant, co-working space, or education facility, we can help optimize your wireless network to give your customers the best experience possible while keeping your ongoing costs to a minimum. That means we will help you with hardware selection, network design, implementation, and ongoing support. We will even review and negotiate contracts with your Internet Provider to ensure you get your money’s worth!

If you are looking to generate revenue with your Wi-Fi network, we can help set up a multi-tiered wireless network for your customers and users. This means that customers have access to a lower-speed Internet connection for free but have the option to upgrade to faster speeds for a modest fee. This multi-tiered network provides another revenue stream for your business while, at the same time, lowering network congestion and bottlenecks imposed by saturation or ISP limitations.

Wireless Internet Service Provider

Let’s face it, many fixed wireless internet service providers are stuck. Whether it’s the limitations of their chosen hardware, backhaul speed issues, tower real estate costs, troubles finding qualified install technicians, or any combination of the above, they experience harsh but true labels like “antiquated, slow or overpriced.” It doesn’t have to be that way! We have helped many customers overcome these obstacles while maintaining profit margins and improving reputations in their communities. When stacked against their competitors, even local incumbent providers, our customers are often hailed as Internet Heroes! If your business has stagnated, is seemingly being run over by cable providers, or if you simply want to expand into a new market, we can help get you there!